Mainardi Addobbi Floreali

Innovation. Professionalism. Passion.
Mainardi Addobbi Floreali, a company specializing in the field of floral arrangements and in the creation of floral sets, using exclusive and increasingly innovative materials; Each event is made in a tailor-made way for every request, without ever leaving out any detail; Researching in every detail the solution to make each setting unique and unforgettable. The mission of our designers is to create emotions, realize dreams, make every event impeccable.

Our history

There is a story that for over fifty years colors and perfumes the unforgettable moments of people, a story made of a lot of work, ingenuity, quality and experience, but also of innovation and modernity, with the desire to grow and achieve new goals. Is the story of Mainardi, an established company in the field of flowers and floral arrangements; Its origins date back to 1965, when the founder Gino Mainardi, bought land in Montelupo Fiorentino to undertake the cultivation of ornamental greens for the wholesale flower market in the city of Florence; In the eighties there was a turning point, even his son Stefano, together with his wife, began to work in the family business, so began a real production of green and cut flowers; With the passing of the years the passion also infects his sons Alessio and Alessandro; Their contribution has been fundamental in the last evolution, when the company has also undertaken the activity of working flowers and floral arrangements. Today Mainardi Addobbi Floreali is established among the companies for the creation of events and floral arrangements;

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